• The Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning system ensures a high level of sustained coolness in the rooms, with each apartment having the capability to independently control the degree of coolness.

    While both heating and cooling functions are available at the same time, the systems are separately controlled. The Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning integrates the internal structures and components of the apartment complex system, as well as the external structures.

    Equipped with variable refrigerant technology of inverter series that meets the customer needs better in various indoor unit types, the Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning features the ceiling-mounted round flow cassette air conditioner, with its uniform 360-degree airflow, enabling a uniform temperature distribution and enhanced comfort.

    Creative people, as well as business and people from the academe whose work require full privacy and solitude, like artists, photographers, dancers, and singers can enjoy the interior space, creative and serene ambiance of the Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning system. The experience is one of controlled and clean cool air flowing in. 

    The interior as well as part of the exterior of every apartment are cooled by the Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning leading to the experience of comfort and value, and enhancing a sense of serenity, self-worth and security for the residents and guests.

    As a result residents also enjoy living in the cool apartments with its additional amenities like the interactive website and wireless internet that can be experience inside the bedroom or even by the poolside, a real professional business center to service the business communication and documentation needs, an eye-catching fitness center with weights and cardio equipment, a sundeck, and of course a swimming pool to relax oneself.

    There’s no sweat cooking in the kitchen with a 4-burner gas range, an oven, a large refrigerator, and a host of kitchen utensils found inside those attractive wall cabinets and vaults as a result of the clean cool air brought to the apartment by Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning.

    Whether the apartment style or floor plan is that of a one bedroom, one bath apartment or two-bedroom with 2-bath apartment, the cooling effect remains the same due to Chathamcourt Reflections Central Air Conditioning. 

    With a centralized cooling system, residents can experience to the full satisfaction the comfort, convenience and serenity of an environmentally-enhanced urban community of Chathamcourt Reflections where maintaining a "green" attitude towards the surroundings is also an accepted way of living. A clean cooling system encourages and inspires working residents towards a greater productivity in their work.You can visit site : http://www.chathamcourt-reflections.com/

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